Google is giving the new feature Android 10 which is called the Android Q. This is coming to big changes in the android features. We should suppose this feature in the few weeks. At soon, the latest software and latest operating system should update this feature in the Android 10 as well as an Android Q.

If you are interested to check the feature test on the Official Google Android 10. This feature provides the privacy and security to the user in the android phones and saves your battery in the mobile phones. The feature helps the user to make an understanding with the desktop screen of the mobile.

You should keep the dark mode feature ON in which also keep brightness full on the phone. As should be clear in the screen captures above, Bubbles is working with the Google Phone application. I activated Bubbles by leaving a functioning call, after which a little hang appeared with the contact’s image.

While dragging the Bubble around, two alternatives appeared at the base of the screen: Hide and End Call. Hang the symbol to either choice caused that activity. A lone tap on the Bubble uncovered a couple of more alternatives, for example, speaker or quieting the call. Hence, you can easily these features in the mobile such as bubbles, Wifi and QR code, undo app removal, Location control, privacy settings, best notification control, etc.

This feature helps the user in using the app feature in the android mobiles. Wifi and QR Code in which can easily verify the Wifi and QR code without restriction. Undo app removal means that you can remove an app that is running a background in the mobile.

Using dark sky mode you can keep control of location in any place. This feature provides permission account activity and personal data in privacy. You can see only those notification messages that you should see on the mobile. Shortly you can keep control on the notification messages that get from the websites