Download Windows 11 Iso File


Officially, the new version of Windows 11 is released , but the pre-build has already been leaked to the network.

The ISO image of Windows 11 (apparently, this is the name the next version of the operating system will bear). Originally appeared on the Chinese forum. And quickly spread throughout the Internet, as everyone was interested in taking a look at the new Microsoft OS. Now the image can be found on various file sharing sites. Trackers, and so on, which makes it much more difficult to localize the leak.

Windows 11 is update of Windows 10

Edition Bleeping Computer says that in general, Windows 11 is very similar to Windows 10 with a new design UX Sun Valley: here you can see the colorful icons, rounded corners, which can be seen in the context menus, applications and conductor, as well as a new animation.

For example, it has been known for quite some time that Microsoft was planning to update File Explorer with a dark theme with pop-up menu support. It also looks like the company won’t replace File Explorer with a more modern version. Instead, the existing File Explorer will be updated with new icons, rounded corners and dark mode.

But there are some more notable changes in Windows 11 that were previously only rumored. The first of these, users will see immediately during OS installation – this is the new Windows logo, which is a simplified version of the existing Windows 10 logo.

Also, according to the publication, the Windows out-of-box experience (OOBE) has undergone a major overhaul and now boasts new colors, graphics and an installation wizard.

In addition, Microsoft is offering new default wallpapers for Windows 11 light and dark modes, as well as new collections of Captured Motion, Flow, Glow, and Sunrise wallpapers that can be seen in the gallery below.

The biggest change that everyone will definitely notice is the new Start menu. It is clearly borrows from Windows 10X, whose distribution is temporarily suspend. And is located above the taskbar, in the center of the screen.

Windows 11 Features

While most of the media and users are discussing the new design of Windows 11. Enthusiasts have already discovered a couple of new features. For example, the developers have updated the Windows Snap feature, which is responsible for rearranging windows on the screen. Now you can configure open windows using four predefined templates:

  • two equal windows located side by side;
  • two adjacent windows, but there is more space in the left window;
  • a large left window and two vertically arranged windows on the right;
  • the screen is split equally between four different windows.

A new option calls widgets has also been discover, which seems to replace Live Tiles. Live Tiles tried to be a widget and a shortcut at the same time. But now they are separate like any other operating system.


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